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Audiophile Guide to Politeness

Audiophiles have a bad reputation that isn’t always accurate. Some of the coolest people I know are audiophiles, and their energy and excitement is amazing. But some of us take things to far. Slowly, the worse among us can start to make us all look bad. It’s up to all of us to treat each other with respect.

6 Rules to Politeness

Here’s some hints on how to have a polite discussion about audio equipment (or anything else).


  • Remember the Human – Speakers and Amplifiers don’t really matter. People do. Don’t let your enthusiasm override the compassion you show for others.
  • Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion – Everyone has a different opinion, and you can’t disprove someone else’s opinion.
  • Accept that people will disagree with you – There are many reasons for things, and not everything is as certain as you think. Learning to accept the fact that people might have different needs and ideals. When we’re open to different opinions, we learn more than when we’re not. And occasionally, we’re all wrong.
    Remember, other people’s opinions do not invalidate your own.
  • Constructive criticism – Try to only provide constructive criticism. Constructive criticism helps the other person enjoy the hobby and their gear. It does not try to reject or change their opinion.
    For example, it is polite to tell someone of various hints they can use to better their room acoustics. It’s impolite to criticize their choice of equipment.


  • Don’t touch other peoples equipment – Don’t touch peoples speakers, amplifiers, and other gear without their permission. Don’t turn up the volume, adjust the song, or otherwise fiddle with something. Don’t set your drink on their speakers and gear.
    Leave their gear alone. It’s for listening, not touching. If auditioning gear, and you want to try it, ask first. This includes at audio equipment stores and a friends house.
  • Name calling is not acceptable – Calling someone stupid, only serves to make you look stupid.

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