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A USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a type of computer interface for connecting peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, printers, and external hard drives. USB is a plug-and-play technology, meaning that no additional software or drivers need to be installed to use a USB device. USB cables have a rectangular plug on one end that connects to a computer, and a smaller rectangular plug on the other end that connects to the peripheral device. USB has evolved over the years, with the latest version being USB 4.0, which offers faster speeds and improved power management compared to previous versions. USB is widely used in computers, consumer electronics, and mobile devices.

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USB Type-C Connector

A USB Type-C connector is a small, reversible connector used for data transfer and power delivery. It is designed to replace previous USB connectors (such as Type-A and Type-B) and can be used for a… Read More »USB Type-C Connector

USB Connector

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector is a type of connector that is used to connect devices to computers and other electronic devices. USB connectors are typically used to connect devices such as keyboards, mice,… Read More »USB Connector