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Face Off! Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) Matrix 804 vs DM604 Series 3

for $600-800

Face Off involves the Series 3 Bowers & Wilkins Matrix 804 s1 and the DM604 s3. Both can be found around the $600-800 range on the used market.

I use both a solid state and on them. I prefer tubes. They don’t seem hard to drive, but I use big heavy, powerful with TONS of current. I really like the B&W used market, and so do a lot of people. They’re EXTREMELY popular speakers, and they tend not to last if priced well.


B&W’s use a rubber and not foam surround to their speakers.
A few times I mention the wrong B&W model number for the statement I made. (ex. 802,804,604, etc)


Moved these Matrix 804s to the surrounds and am using the Matrix 802 80’s as the mains. Absolutely love them. More to come in the future!

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