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KEF 303 Series 2’s – type SP1147

Initial Review: Blast From the Past Speakers! Lets go RETRO!

My initial opinions of some interesting speakers. Cleaned up and started to audition these. They sound great. Will be releasing a second video as my experience grows, but wanted to show off these bad boys for you all who love speakers! Next time, I'll be taking their cloths off!

They have brown cloth skirts, and look fantastic. Not a fan of the rocker switches. These are good speakers, with a incredible British history. Old speakers that look like they were pulled out of the 80's. And they sound GREAT! A real pleasure to listen to and to own. Very lucky to have them, and been enjoying them.

Not the greatest at bass. But very good.


Hello everybody, I'm back again. This is, you know, Newsboy Audio and Speaker. Welcome to my hat.. new hat, actually. 

So I really like that one. 

Show it off. 

Looks Good. 

Thank you.  I do too. It kind of was nice.  I found it in the store down here. So nice. And wool! Got myself these pair of speakers to try for a little bit. I've been listening to them a little bit and haven't had enough experience with them, so  I definitely am still enjoying them, and still learning about them quite a bit. They're an older speaker as you can see the KEF or a cap got that 70s slash 85 going  I bought these off of the auction and they look like they have the original speaker cloth on them they're quite beautiful  I think plastic tops on the top plastic bottoms on the bottom.  I believe their cones are paper. I have pulled it off. They use a single bolt on the bottom that holds them all together. You unscrew that and the top, and the bottom come off, and then you can just pull this whole thing down like a sock and it exposes the two speakers up on top you've got a cloth dome tweeter. I believe it's cloth or paper and then you got a paper woofer down here, and one of the notes that I noticed is that when I originally tried them they just didn't sound very good i pulled them apart pulled the cloth down cleaned them up turns out, i don't think anybody had ever cleaned the drivers. I looked on KEF's website on how to do it, and I didn't find much. So I went around looking at other information on paper cone drivers and how to clean them up and basically, I was recommended to take a very very very very slightly damp cloth, something that you can squeeze out. Wipe down once with a damp cloth once down with the white cloth. Clean cloth. Repeat and receive and I was able to get a huge amount of the dust off. Part of the problem is that they have this like rubbery coating on them so they're kind of getting a little sticky from that from the years of use and not being cleaned. They've got a little cloth coating as well a plastic coating on top of those so they're not pure paper cone. They're very coated paper cone woofer my initial impressions were a little light on the bass make great surround speakers, and things like that would be definitely very nice if you had a woofer again with the cloth and the the paper dome tweeters, I tend to find that they're very female oriented voices. I enjoy Lana Del Rey. I listened to and a few other bands when auditioning them. Female fans, you know. Plus Portis Head. And a few others like. That I really like. Definitely check them out anyways and they sound fantastic. I think for such an old speaker they can be had on the used market for cheap. If you can find them they're rather a little bit rare but they sell between 50 and 100 dollars on the used market. If you can find them, these are sequentially serial numbered and it says the KEF 303 type SP 114. Anyways they are 8-ohm speakers. I know, I don't know their wattage, their overall wattage. I'm not a loud listener, so i don't push them very much. I have them powered off of a [class]-D amp. One of my high d-amps over there, that i have another review on my channel and i powered them off, briefly off of the tube amp and both of them made them come alive. Very well. Good power definitely works well with them, they got these stupid banana clips down here for speaker tunnels, the you know lower costing speakers you see that anyways if you want a little attitude to your room add a little bit of 70s flare while also producing a good sound these are really good. I would say and you could really enjoy the vintage history of them and just kind of enjoy this hobby with them. So if you're looking for a nice pair of KEF older ones, these are recommended. And I believe that's

KEF 303 Type SP 1147

Initial Review: KEF 303 Series 2's—type SP1147—Blast From the Past Speakers! Let's go RETRO! (YouTube)

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