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Intro Opinions to the Mission 700 Speakers

Used Speakers at a Good Value!

Great speakers to buy at a lower cost. Sound better than many speakers twice their price. The only problem I've had with them is if the laminate is falling off. Had to glue it back on! Looking for more info on them. At a time of posting, these are around $70-100 on the used market. Great Buy.


700 series speakers are a range of high-performance loudspeakers produced by the British audio company Mission Electronics. Launched in 1981, the 700 series quickly established a reputation for delivering outstanding sound quality and exceptional value for money. Over the years, the series has undergone several updates and revisions, but the original concept of delivering high-end performance at an affordable price has remained at the core of its design.

The Mission 700 series consists of a range of bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, each designed to deliver a specific level of performance. The original 700 and 700S models were bookshelf speakers that featured a 2-way design with a 6.5-inch bass/midrange driver and a 1-inch dome tweeter. The speakers were designed to deliver a smooth and balanced sound with excellent imaging and detail. The 700S model added a super-tweeter to extend the high-frequency response and improve the overall clarity and detail of the sound.

In the years that followed, Mission introduced numerous new models to the 700 series, each designed to deliver higher levels of performance. The 731 and 732 were floor-standing speakers that featured a 3-way design with a 10-inch bass driver, a 5.25-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch dome tweeter. These speakers were designed to deliver a more powerful and dynamic sound, with a greater emphasis on bass performance.

The 733 and 734 models were updates to the 731 and 732 respectively, featuring a revised driver layout and improved crossover design for even better performance. The 737 and 738 models were also introduced, offering even higher levels of performance and build quality.

Throughout the years, the Mission 700 series has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding sound quality and exceptional value for money. The speakers are designed and built to the highest standards, using high-quality materials and components to deliver a detailed, dynamic, and engaging sound. They are well-regarded by audiophiles and music lovers alike, and continue to be popular on the second-hand market.


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