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KEF LS50 – 50 Year Anniversary

(Non-Meta, Series 1) Review & Opinions

Here is my pure, LS 50 Anniversary Series Coaxial speaker(s). I bought this to compare it to the KEF Meta and to make some videos about it for you all.


Opinions & Review

It's a good speaker, with a crisp clear sound, at a good price. It packs quite a punch for its size, and is hefty in weight. I also find it an extremely attractive speaker with its beautiful #Uni-Q driver. It's currently only available on the used market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the KEF LS50 have lots of bass?

From my tests, yes. It does. Though some seem to complain that its not impactful enough for them. Others are claiming the Amplifier is to blame for these reports. None-the-less, I find it very good. Especially for near field usage. From the measurements, they cut off at about 79hz. The graphs show they roll fast, and that leads me to believe they will pair with a sub very nicely. Maybe KEF's smaller sub woofer would do? Or a pair? Anyways, I use them without a sub and I like them a ton.

Is it as good as the KEF LS50 Meta?

No, not even close. In my opinion, the KEF LS 50 Meta offers much more clarity then the earlier versions, making it one of the best speakers in the world. The KEF LS 50 Anniversary (Series 1) is a good speaker, with a lot of power for its size. The lack of clarity though, puts it in stiff competition with other speakers, both on the used market and on the new market. Even at almost twice the cost, I would recommend the KEF LS50 Meta, over the LS 50 Anniversary. In fact, I'm keeping my META.

Would I buy this speaker?

Yes. It's a great speaker, in a small package.

Would I buy the Wireless Version?

No, I would not. The added electronics seems to add additional points of failure. And the cost of these speakers would keep me from wanting to move them around. Also, the exposed Uni-Q driver makes moving it risky. Personally, I prefer to use mono blocks and wireless receivers, in situations wireless is needed. And possibly pick a speaker with a grill.

But, please note…. I would recommend the wireless version for those that need a wireless speaker and want to use as a portable speaker. And can handle an exposed driver of this type. These would really be great for a party, especially if you put a sub with them.

What situation do you recommend this speaker in?

I use mine as a near field, as computer speakers. But it also sounds great when paired with a sub woofer in home theater situations. KEF even makes matching subs for every room size.

What do you think about the design?

I think it's one of the best looking speakers on the market. Its exposed driver is beautiful but a bit scary to own. They're tough, just not indestructible. My favorite color is the silver and red META followed by the black ones.

Where are the Graphs of the performance of this located?

We recommend the Amirm Independent Tests.

KEF LS50 – 50 Year Anniversary (Non-Meta, Series 1) – Review & Opinions (YouTube)

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