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Magnepan 1.7 Loudspeaker Review

All Panel Goodness, All the Time!

Correction: The speakers can not be bi amped. DON'T BI-AMP using the terminals on the back.

Here is my review of the 's. I lived with these speakers for the last 6 months, and have come to love them. But they're not perfect. Watch to learn more.

My First 4k Review and Youtube Video! More to Come!

My First Review to Break 2K and 3k Views!


Hello Guys [and Girls],

Another video from me we're going to do a couple today.

I just did one on used electronics, Hopefully it comes out good and we don't have to redo it again.

Today, I'm going to be reviewing my Magnepans 1.7.

These are last models, they have the new 1.7i,

I guess they updated the crossover adjusted the crossover a little bit on them but they're otherwise the same speaker.

These are ribbon speaker and a panel speaker,

And I left behind this so that we can see through it

And see the elements on it

And if you could look at it real close you'd see the tweeter over on this side and there's a woofer down here.

And the whole panel from about there to there to there to there is his speaker and these are dipole speakers so the sound comes out the back as well as the front uh which is why what makes them so picky on the room uh that you put the in.

And you have to play with [positioning] and some people say the harder surfaces are better For a back wall they are very, very precise speakers they sound amazing And they are very accurate.

On the low end of the bass they are a little bit lower.

So I would get [recommend] a sub woofer especially for Home Theater.

I would say under 40 hertz.

So we are talking about super low. They tend to miss a little bit higher 80 to 100.

They do very very well with a sub woofer.

There's a lot of debate about different power sources and whether it makes a difference.

Most of the time what I recommend is weight.

Weight is better indicator of an amps quality than price and that is because of the transformer needing to be extra beefy to really give a good current.

And so that's what i generally look for is weight.

I got like a pair of these here that work very well actually with this [speaker] and we've been powering off of them off the Shanling‘s. Which are an older Tube AMP.

We'll have reviews on that stuff as well.

We may be removing these from my property, so I wanted to make a review before they disappeared.

I really like them.
Actually my only complaint about them is that it's very picky on where you sit.

And when you sit near one of them the other one becomes faded out it's hard to hear so they don't Tend to fill the room as good as I would like them too.

But they sound amazing. They sound amazing and the accurate.

They're like almost wearing a pair of headphones how accurate they are.

They just don't have anything any seamlessly, distortion so if you really want one of the best speakers on the planet.

I would recommend the Magnepans but it's definitely for a specific Type of listener someone who is looking forward to maybe enjoy something by themselves. Or with only a few people.

I know you could probably build a great home entertainment system as well with these, if you had a ton of them. They do not have complete… They don't have terrible ability to provide more than that.

It's just they seem to come out and in a phase, by small adjustments of positioning of the speaker and of the listening environment a lot of it is because the sound is coming off the back wall and mixing with the sound that's coming on the front.

I've heard a lot of different things about the amps and stuff but…

I guess that's part of owning Magnepans. I could definitely make some recommendations if you want in the comments about different amps I've tried and how they work with these things they are power hungry you will need four ohms.

They will power up to 300 watts on four ohms.

So they take a lot of power and they're not as efficient as most [traditional] driver speakers.

…so when you'll need more watts to make more power.

We run them off of a… I told you earlier, We ran it off at 60 watt [amplifier],

I think it's 65 watt class-a that sounded very good as well

That was tube and we ran them off 60 the 60 watt Class-AB of the Shanling.

And those are actually very, very good [with these].

So you can't power them off as little as 50 and 60 [watts].

But you want to make sure that they can handle two ohms.

If you they can handle 2 ohms. [Then,] you know they got the current [you need]

And Magnepan also suggests a doubling of wattage from four ohms to 2 ohms,

Or halving of wattage when going from four ohms to eight ohms.

So, if you see an amplifier that is weighted rated for 150-watts at 8 ohms and 300 watts at 4 ohms, you know it's a high current amplifier And I agree with that.

This is something that I definitely look for when I'm buying an amp

Anyways, [back to] the Magnepans.

I'll turn these around too, so you guys can see the back

I use Banana clips for these old-time plugs checking the Amps off there. And they work.

They also have a fuse.

I've seen some people disable them by putting a bar in there.

I think it's dangerous.


I run it off of a single Amp.

So I really like these types of banana clips for them.

These are monster, but don't waste some money on monster. I got these a long time ago, at a big discount.

I just buy any gold-plated banana clips that look like this.

I know that amazon has some as well.

That they now sell.

I might have even gotten these second hand.

I think I might have gotten these second hand.

Anyways that is the the the you can see.

If you were here in person probably you may not, the crossover is right there…
You have to pull off the entire sock to get this to work.

So yeah anyways.

Uh thank you for watching.


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