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OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones

These where discontinued with stopped making consumer electronics and moved to make cell phones. This was probably not the best decision, and Oppo's excellent audio reputation never transferred over to the cell phone market, where they're commonly seen as providers of low quality cell phones.


Opinions and Review

My first review and opinions of the Oppo Headphones. These are Oppo's discontinued Planar Magnetic Headphones. I've now owned these for over 4 years, and really love them. They're the best headphones I own.

These Headphones sound great, and are extremely accurate and precise. Their original (new) price is a bit high, leaving it above $1,000, but due to their discount and low popularity, the used market offers them for much cheaper (around $600 at publishing). This is a huge bargain, and well bellow what they're worth.


As of the current publication date, Oppo continues to support these headphones and repair options are available.

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