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Rotel – RMB 1048

8 Channel Amplifier

is an Amplifier 8 x 40watts (8 ohm). Great for Surround Sound, it is an amazing Class AB amplifier that has more than enough power for most home theater system (especially with a subwoofer).

This thing sounds remarkable. I love the Rotel's sound. It's an accurate Amplifier, with a bit of spice that just sounds great. I was able to upscale it with a pair of high-end speakers that cost around 11 times the cost of this Amplifier, and the Amplifier's performance kept up with the speakers.

Admiringly, the wattage on this amplifier is probably why this Amplifier is so inexpensive on the used market. Rotel has a history of providing high current amps that are rated much lower than their competition. Given the prevalence and superiority, of using powered subwoofers, the actual requirement for most people's power is a lot lower.

Rotel RMB 1048 – 8 Channel Amplifier (You Tube)

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