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Shanling SP-80 Monoblock Tube Amplifier Review

Got the (or well, forgotten) Shanling SP-80 that once came with a CD Player. Here is my first attempt at a , hope it helps.


Note: They are temporarily placed on the Visaton Elevation 3’s which I also highly suggest in another video.


The Amp is amazing, and part of my . Lots of power to drive the most demanding . I highly recommend this AMP and think its one of the best deals on the market.


It’s a warm sounding mono-block with a present tone, that is similar to what I find with most EL88 Tube Amps. But this design is rather good, and its warmed itself into my current setup. I think I’ll be keeping them for some time.


Power Supply Schematic

Tube Schematic


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May 29th 2022 – Added Pictures, Started Video Transcript. Uploaded and Added PDF Schematics. Added Terms of Service.

July 27th 2022 – Added External Links, and More

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