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The Story of My First Martin Logan Review.

And Why It didn’t Happen.

Sad story I got for you all today. Martin Logans Ethos, they just didn’t work. Could of fixed them, but they got to expensive. I bought them off auction and was told they were working perfectly. When we got them in, we found that not to be the case. After much work, I had to give them up. If they show up again, I’ll bid again. I’m hearing this is pretty typical for these . The price just didn’t reflect the condition they were reported to be in. Not really Martin Logans fault.

Please Don’t Take this as a negative . Martin Logans are great speakers for many people. The speakers I got were used, and all people involved acted appropriately and did their best to solve the problems faced. Sadly, sometimes things just don’t work out. The only complaint I have is the person who tried to sell these speakers as working, when they were not.


I do see some reports of the speakers selling new for around $6,800 (At time of article).

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