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Review: Velleman K8010

Tube, Class A, Monoblock Amplifiers

These are vintage audio, mono block tube amps that are rated at 65w per channel. They sound great and look great and have a bit of warmth to them. Highly recommend. Sounds as good as McIntosh.

Review and About

These are custom-made kit amps. They are solid soldering points. Lots of power (65w / Channel). And the tubes (4xKT88 Each) are mounted on a custom circuit board. The design of them is basic. They're also extremely heavy, weighing in around 30lbs (17kg) each. We've been listening to these with Bowers & Wilken's (B&W's), Magnepans and KEF LS50. We enjoyed them for a while now and wanted to come out with a video.

My biggest criticism of them is one of reality. Class A Tube Amplifiers run REALLY hot. And these two can easily heat a room. Just a reality of Class A amps and the clean sound that comes from them.

These amps are from our personal collection. We paid for them and have enjoyed them for months. This is not a paid review, and we make this only because this is our passion.

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Video Transcript

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my vintage audio recordings.

We're gonna make a few of these because I have some access to some vintage equipment that I have been playing with and buying and trading and selling and these are some of the better ones that I have found on the local market. Here these are two Class A mono blocks at 60 watts each.

They would power four ohms and eight ohms and these are made in Belgium. Or the kit was made in Belgium. They were assembled by someone who I'm not familiar with and I don't know who it was. The person who I bought them from also did not know who they were.

So, they have three speaker bindings in the back. What a pair for 4 Ohms and a pair for the 8 Ohms and they put out 80 or 60 watts per channel.

They use four kt 88s for power tubes and they give a slight warmth to the sound. That isn't as in it isn't very excessive compared to some of the other tube providers so if you really like the class a accuracy and the incredibly detailed imagery that these give they make really great power amps and they take a RCA input on both sides and they will they are rated for 100 to 240 volts so they can work in both Europe Asia and everywhere else in between.

I've had these for about six months and I've been enjoying them we've played them with the Magnepans behind me and the Bowers & Wilkins and they really do give quite a bit of bass even on the Magnepans the only reason we are really moving on is because well we love to try this equipment out and play with new stuff and fix it up and then resell it and see what we like and we're going to be making videos on each and every one of them.

These do not have any gain control on them so make sure that your pre-amp if you want to match them with other speakers. [They] have the gain control the kt88s that are in them are all from Russia and they sound great.

I'm not really… I tried different tubes and I don't generally hear any difference between them so we have no problems with these and they really are just an amazing amps actually incredibly inexpensive on the used markets for what you get and the value is incredible sell for anywhere between 900 euros to 1200 euros or about a thousand dollars to 1,300 and they really are enjoyable. The ones that we made were obviously made by someone who has a skill with a soldering iron.

And we wanted to make an a review of them since we didn't see many on the online so we hope you enjoyed this review. Please like our channel and our reviews so other people can view it and grab one a pair of your for yourself on the used market and see if you'll enjoy them they're they're a lot of fun to play with just make sure that uh you know you you keep power attached to them and then you make sure to check the tubes on them to be good thank you very much. Bye

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