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Visaton Elevation 3’s

One of the best Speakers you can make yourself.

Amazing Kit speaker we got for you all. The Visaton Elevation 3‘s. These are amazing speakers with some fun art on them. As always, I bought these used for a steal from the original owner and am now adding them to my personal collections.


The Elevation 3s is a high-end speaker system that offers a powerful and immersive listening experience. Designed with premium components and advanced technology, the Elevation 3s is the perfect choice for discerning audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the best possible sound quality from their speakers.

One of the standout features of the Visaton Elevation 3s is its advanced driver technology. The system features a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofer, both of which are designed to deliver high-quality sound with exceptional clarity and precision. The tweeter features a powerful neodymium magnet that helps to enhance its performance, while the woofer is made from a lightweight yet rigid material that allows it to deliver deep, punchy bass notes.

In addition to its advanced drivers, the Visaton Elevation 3s also features a carefully engineered cabinet design that helps to enhance its overall sound quality. The cabinet is made from high-density MDF and features a unique shape that helps to minimize unwanted vibrations and resonances, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate sound. The cabinet is also coated with a special acoustic damping material that helps to absorb any remaining vibrations, further improving the system's performance.

Another notable feature of the Visaton Elevation 3s is its advanced crossover design. The crossover is responsible for separating the incoming audio signal into different frequency bands, which are then routed to the appropriate driver. The Elevation 3s features a high-quality crossover that is designed to ensure that each driver receives only the frequencies that it is best suited to handle, resulting in a more accurate and balanced sound overall.

The Visaton Elevation 3s is also incredibly versatile when it comes to placement options. The system can be mounted on a wall using the included brackets, or it can be placed on a stand or shelf using the optional stand adapter. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate the Elevation 3s into a variety of different home theater or audio setups, regardless of the available space.

Overall, the Visaton Elevation 3s is an exceptional speaker system that delivers outstanding sound quality and versatility. Its advanced driver technology, carefully engineered cabinet design, and high-quality crossover all work together to create an immersive listening experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophile. If you're looking for a high-end speaker system that can deliver exceptional sound quality in any setting, the Visaton Elevation 3s is definitely worth considering.


Tweeter – G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm
Midrange driver – AL 170 – 8 Ohm – 180 CM – 6.5″
Woofer – GF 200 – 2 x 4 Ohm – 8″


I said “Arc” when I meant “Arch”


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