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What’s an Audiophile and Technophile?

Today, we're talking about why I make these videos, and what I enjoy and like about being an Audiophile and Technology fan. Plus a bit of history and background to who I am and what I like.

There is a wide range of reasons I am a technology buff, but the main reason is that I love playing with new, and different technology. By buying and selling gear, I don't actually have to spend a lot of money. Yet, I still get to enjoy the best gear, learn about it, then make videos on it.

My History

I'm a middle-aged man, who has spent his entire life with electronics. My story starts young, as I was born to an Electrical Engineer father who was never afraid to repair and work on electronics. He taught me electronics and computer coding at an early age, and my passion for engineering was born.

As I grew, so did my music interests. And in my early teens, my enjoying of music took off. Bands like Metallica and Mötley Crüe started me on my journey. Later, Tool and Nine Inch Nails fueled my desires for higher quality, and louder sound. As I turned sixteen, my enjoyment of live music was born.

My first concert, Primus and it was a fantastic show. I still remember, on the way to the concert, my friend had Ministry Psalm 69 playing in their car. I fell in love.

Over the years, I've done many projects. I've repaired and restored vintage audio gear, while also building several kit speakers. I've also dabbled in car audio, but my real passion is in filling a room with a pure sound.

Likewise, I currently work as a software developer, and own my Software and Website Development Firm that helps businesses navigate and deploy technology.

You can find more about me on the About Us page here on Newsboy Audio or the About Us Page on Proper Programming, LLC.

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