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Windows 10 – Bluetooth Stops working after restart. Restarting Doesn’t Work. Try this!

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A small video about a weird problem I’ve encountered on multiple Windows 10 machines with the Bluetooth Icon in the system tray vanishing and Bluetooth not appearing anywhere on the system.

I’ve encountered this issue multiple times, on multiple machines. Intel and AMD have had this issue. Laptop and no Laptop as well. Harder to fix on Laptop due to the solution. Usually it goes away after many restarts.

Anyways, in my 35 years working in . The solution to this is oddly unique. Restarting doesn’t fix it. But shutting the machine down and unplugging it from the wall does.

Must be something to do with CMOS/BIOS as the battery will typically survive the restart. But that is also kind of a weird solution because the battery should power the system even when unplugged. Maybe some capacitors are keeping the problem alive? Not sure.

Share any ideas in comments and if you encounter this issue, please let us know what happened.

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